4 Reasons to Shop Small

  1. Unique Gifts – Small businesses can offer unique gifts, especially if they are selling their own handmade products. Think of shopping small as an opportunity to wow your friends and loved ones.   
  2. Personal Customer Service – Small businesses can offer a more enjoyable and personal shopping experience that allows time for more browsing and exploring, rather than scrambling to beat other shoppers to the shelves. Also, small-business employees may have more knowledge of the products and services they’re selling than workers at larger retailers.
  3. Supporting Your Community – Shopping at small businesses helps provide jobs for your community, and it puts money into the local economy. Plus, many small businesses are supplied by other entrepreneurs, so you could also be supporting many other enterprises.  
  4. Less Impact on the Environment – Shopping local is better for the environment because small businesses have lower shipping costs. Many large businesses ship products from overseas factories, but small businesses often create their products using local resources.

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